1. The Town of Erwin Highway Department will chip seal on August 11th
  2. for the following roads - Beartown Rd, Pierson Dr, and Troy Rd,
  3. weather permitting.

  4. The Town of Erwin is continuing its road upgrade and maintenance
  5. work. Over the next week we will first be raising manhole covers
  6. on Knollbrook E, Overbrook Rd and Weston Ln. Then weather permitting
  7. over the next 3 weeks we will mill and repave. Please watch for
  8. uneven manhole covers and pavement. Please take care to help protect
  9. the workers and get them home safe to their families.

  10. The Town of Erwin Summer Recreation program begins July 5th at
  11. 9:30 am at Hodgman Park. For more information click here.

  12. Notice of completion of the Tentative Assessment Roll.
  13. Click here for more information.

  14. The New York State Department of Transportation would like to
  15. notify you of an upcoming bridge rehabilitation project in the
  16. Town of Erwin. Click here for more information.

  17. New Community videos coming soon.

  18. New information on STAR property tax exemption. As a result of
  19. New York State legislation passed in 2019, the STAR exemption
  20. savings amounts will no longer increase. The amount saved on
  21. your school tax bill in 2019 will remain the same going forward.
  22. This applies to both BASIC STAR and ENHANCED STAR. New
  23. York State is encouraging property owners currently receiving
  24. the STAR exemption to switch to the STAR credit. For more
  25. information click here. If you have questions,
  26. please email ConnieL@stny.rr.com or call 607-936-8913.

  27. New Information on Senior Property tax exemption. Eligible
  28. property owners over 65 and certain persons with disabilities
  29. and limited income are not required to file for Section 467
  30. exemptions in 2021. For more information click here.
  31. If you have questions, please email assessor@erwinny.org
  32. or call 607-936-8913.

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