Fire Departments

There are three fire departments located within the Town of Erwin:

The Forestview/Gang Mills Fire Department



Cooper Plains/Long Acres Fire Department

Coopers Plains-Long Acres Fire Department

The Coopers Plains-Long Acres Fire Department was incorporated in 1953. It was started with one truck, a 1936 Ward LaFrance/Ford Pumper, and some portable pumps by the men who wanted to have a fire department.

The fire department building was completed in 1955. It was remodeled in 1974, and in 1985 the department built a second floor addition which includes a kitchen and community room, as well as adding fire bays. The current building has five truck bays and storage on the ground floor.

The department has the following equipment:

The fire district includes all of Long Acres and Coopers Plains, which is NYS Route 415 from the Village of Painted Post line to the Campbell Town line. In addition, the district includes Aurene;  West Hill Road; Smith Hill Road; and the portions of Beeman Hollow Road, Erwin Hollow Road and King Hill Road in the Town of Erwin.  The department provides joint fire protection for the area including Corning Incorporatedís Sullivan Park facility.

The fire department is a Volunteer Fire Department with an Insurance Services Organization (ISO) fire suppression rating of Class 4. The fire department is very proud of this rating because it is usually only earned by full time professional city fire departments.

Besides fire suppression, the fire department provides BLS First Response for EMS calls, vehicle extrication, and has a large cache of cribbing and Rescue 42 stabilization struts for vehicle and building stabilization.  Coopers Plains Fire Department is also a participating member of the Steuben Regional Technical Rescue Task Force for structural and trench collapse rescue.

The department has approximately 24 active volunteer firefighters, a five person Board of Commissioners elected by the residents of the Fire District, and an active Ladies Auxiliary with approximately 15 members.

More information on membership can be found here:

Painted Post Fire Department

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