List of Publications

Title Updated File Link
Code Enforcement
Zoning Map adopted 9-12-17 09/26/23 View File
Zoning Law as amended 3-14-23 09/26/23 View File
Subdivision of Land 09/11/23 View File
Subdivision of Land 09/26/23 View File
Lands of Conservation Interest-Map 09/26/23 View File
Environmental Resources_10-11-05.pdf 09/26/23 View File
Environmental Resources Overlay Map 09/26/23 View File
Environmental Features-Map 09/26/23 View File
Comprehensive Plan Land Use Plan-Map 09/26/23 View File
Community Development
Sitel End of Program Audit Report 09/11/23 View File
Report on Operations 2021-2022 09/11/23 View File
Report on Internal Controls 09/11/23 View File
Property Acquisition Policy 09/11/23 View File
Organizational Chart 09/11/23 View File
Measurement Report 2021 09/11/23 View File
Management Letter from EFPR Group 09/11/23 View File
Investment Report Letter 09/11/23 View File
Board Committees 09/11/23 View File
2022 Financial Statement 10/13/23 View File
Highway Department
Standard Specifications and Details for the Highway and Utility Construction 09/11/23 View File
2024 Yard Waste Policy 11/09/23 View File
Industrial Development
South Hamilton Town Center Comprehensive Plan 2017 09/26/23 View File
Green Infrastructure Plan 09/26/23 View File
Exit 43 Economic Development Action Plan Committee Report 10/26/23 View File
Designation Checklist 09/26/23 View File
Available Sites 09/26/23 View File
Appendice Part 7 09/26/23 View File
Appendice Part 6 09/26/23 View File
Planning Board
Site Plan Checklist 11/06/23 View File
Town Board
2023 Hunters Assignments Query 10/10/23 View File
2023 Bow Hunt Packet 10/10/23 View File
Town Clerk
Requirements to Purchase a Marriage License (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY) 11/16/23 View File
Park Reservation Procedure 12/14/23 View File
Notary Public Services 10/13/23 View File
Dog Licenses 10/13/23 View File
Death Certificates 10/13/23 View File
Town of Erwin Mercury Information 09/11/23 View File
Mercury Minimization Plan 2024 01/29/24 View File
Keep Your Pipes Safe! 02/05/24 View File
Job opportunity!

TheTown of Erwin has a new job opportunity. Information including a recruitment brochure can be found at



Free Preparedness Training

The NYS Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services isholding a free preparedness training on Thursday, February 29th, at6:30pm at the Corning-Painted Post High School. For more info Facebook

Keep Your Pipes Safe!

Think before you flush.  Flushable wipes not so flushable.  How to keep your pipes safe.

Flushable wipes notice.pdf (


Following a nationwide search, the Town has appointed a Deputy Town Manager.  Melissa Greenthal will replace Rita McCarthy as Town Manager when Rita retires in July after 33 years of service to the Town.  More information will follow when Melissa joins the Town in February.

Parks and Volunteers.
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Parks and Volunteers

The Town of Erwin gratefully recognizes the contribution to the community of the efforts of “Reach the Valley” an outreach of Victory Highway Wesleyan Church for painting 8 picnic tables and 2 benches at Kinsella Park and to thank participants Sarah Jane Capper, Sue Strack, Meri Terwilliger, Gary Putnam, Andy Cole, and Doug Cole.


The Town of Erwin gratefully recognizes the contribution to the community of the efforts of Beartown Alliance Church for painting the playground equipment at Scudder Webber Park and to thank participants Kelly Adriance, Max Adriance, Erika Soltis, Becky Soltis, Faith Marmor, Dave Bretch, and Jenn Bretch.

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Bridge is clear, Rains have come!
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Ames Plaza Update

The Applicant has submitted a revised concept site plan and has committed to no “overnight parking”, no one sleeping in vehicles. It was determined that the revised plan complies with the Town of Erwin Zoning. The next steps are that the applicant must complete a traffic study and submit a full preliminary engineering package to the Planning Board. The Planning Board schedule and agendas are posted on the Town’s website and Facebook page. A deadline for completing the demolition of the former Ames building has been established.