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The Town of Erwin Community Development Agency (CDA) has a long history of planning, development, grant writing, and housing/business rehabilitation. Beginning as the Urban Renewal Agency after the Hurricane Agnes Flood of 1972, the Agency has been responsible for the Forest Drive, Creekside, and Jay Allen Drive residential developments. The CDA provided the original Forest Drive building for the Forest View Gang Mills Fire Department, provided a pumper truck for the Coopers-Plains Long Acres Fire Department, business loans, housing rehabilitation funds, and flood damage prevention measures.

The Community Development Agency (CDA) has secured over $46 million in grant funding that has ensured orderly development in Town. Grants have covered infrastructure projects such as wastewater treatment plant expansion and improvements, new wells, and water extension to the northern portion of the Town previously not served by municipal water including the hamlets of Long Acres and Coopers Plains. This $6.3 million expansion has not only guaranteed safe, reliable water to this section of Town and has paved the way for the orderly development envisioned in the Comprehensive Plan. The CDA provides planning consultant services to the Town of Erwin Planning Board, reviewing proposed development to ensure compliance with Town laws and Comprehensive Plans.


Rita Y. McCarthy
Jody M. Allen
Douglas R. Cole
Frank J. Acomb
James W. Kuhl
Jeremy A. Shepard
Thomas P. Smith, Harris Beach


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Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting is Cancelled

The applicant withdrew his application and therefore tonight’s 11/28/23 Zoning Board of Appeals meeting at 7 PM is canceled.

Proposed Zoning Amendment

At the December 12, 2023 meeting, the Town Board will review the recommendation from the Town Community Development Agency on whether it is in the best interest of Town residents to act on a citizen proposal to amend the zoning law to allow chickens in residential neighborhoods.  

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Leaf Pickup Update

LEAF PICKUP will begin October 18 and continue until the first lasting snowfall. Leaves must be raked to the road.  Please do not rake into the road and do not block drainage systems or the paths to drainage systems. No bags are allowed. Leaves with trees branches, or grass clippings in them will not be picked up.

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